Fender Releases new Bassbreaker amps...we have them!
Posted on July 3, 2016 by mkallis
From the Deluxe Reverb, Twin Reverb, Super Reverb and Bassman to modern creations such as the Super Sonic and Hot Rod series, Fender has a long track record of creating the most iconic guitar amps in music history. In fact, the Deluxe Reverb is often cited as the "most recorded amp in history". With a history as rich as Fender's, it would certainly be a tall order to add to this legacy, but with Fender's all-new , all-tube Bassbreaker series they have done just that. Building on familiar platforms, Fender has managed to stay true to their iconic status while creating some new flavors that deserve their place in the Fender amp pantheon. Take the Bassbreaker 45, the largest amp in the series, for example. With the 45, Fender has built their first ever EL34-based tube amp...an astonishing, yet simple design that is both a Fender-y Marshall and a Marshall-y Fender. Like the original Bassman series (which we all know Jim Marshall used as the basis for his early Marshall amp designs) and early Marshall amps, these have a Normal and Bright input which can be "jumped" or used in parallel. Fender also includes a "both" input which allows you to combine these two channels without using patch cables. All 3 inputs give you access to distinctively different tonal flavors. Another amazing feature is that instead of a master volume, Fender has included a power scaling control that allows you to dial in wattage from 45 watt all the way down to 1 watt. This allows you to crank the input volumes (bright, normal, or both) for gorgeous medium breakup tones that roar at low volumes, or run the wattage high and inputs low for classic, high headroom Fender cleans. The amp is also an amazing platform for pedals...everything from clean gain boost pedals to super high gain distortion pedals sound amazing with this amp. Each amp in the series offers something special that is both unique and familiar. Stop in and try one at Sound Source Music...you may find yourself wanting to trade in your old amp for one of these. For more info, visit Fender's website: Fender Bassbreaker: There are No Words https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfScvpyzhRQ

We have your cable and connector needs covered
Posted on June 7, 2016 by mkallis
It was a sad day when our local Radio Shack closed once and for all, as they are all across the country. For years, they have always been a great asset for hard to find and useful audio and video connectors, adapters, and cables. Fortunately for those of you who have a need for audio and video connectors, we have, and always have carried an extremely wide assortment of nearly any connector or cable necessary to connect nearly any audio or video device...a much larger inventory than Radio Shack (and our prices are much better). We also have staff who actually know what you are trying to connect and can recommend or help you find the best cable or connector for you. A common cable for connecting an iPod or iPhone to consumer stereo equipment. As we said, we carry nearly any cable or connector to connect nearly any audio or video equipment. Please browse the following list: 1. Cable ends, plugs and jacks from Switchcraft, Neutrik, Amphenol, Hosa and more. 2. Cables from Rapco, Conquest, Ace Products, Pig Hog, Hosa, Fender and more. 3. Commonly used cables and adapters for consumer audio, Hi-fi, iPod and more...stereo breakout cables, 3.5 mm cables, headphone cables, wireless Bluetooth receivers and transmitters, headphone adapters, 3.5 mm TRS to stereo RCA breakout cables, RCA cables and more. 4. Common adapters, cables and connectors used in Pro Audio applications: Neutrik Speakon ends, cables, and adapters, Amphenol solderless XLR male and female ends, 1/4", TRS, Switchcraft XLR, insert cables, snakes, Microphone cables (balanced and unbalanced), Speaker cables (banana, 1/4", and Speakon NL2/NL4), and more. 5. A large variety of bulk cable (install grade and stage grade) including XLR, TRS, unshielded install speaker cable, and more. 6. Hard to find cables for lighting and AV including VGA, DMX, and more. 7. A huge variety of adapters and couplers including 1/4" TRS and TS, XLR to TRS, 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm, and more. As you can see, we are very proud of our commitment to provide cables, adapters, and connectors for nearly any audio, video, or lighting purpose to our community. Stop in and see us next time you have a need or call us at 217-258-8919 if you have questions.


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