Sound System Installation for Church and House of Worship

The past 10 years or so has seen a dramatic change in the way many Houses of Worship approach their services:  sound or pa systems have also changed dramatically in response to this change.  In the past, a typical Church PA system likely consisted of a microphone and small mixing board, power amp, and speakers to simply amplify the pastor’s voice.  Larger systems may have included some microphones for the choir and possibly auxilliary speakers for the nursery.  Today, with full bands and worship music taking center stage in many church services, the demands for larger, more complex pa and lighting systems have increased; many systems include large format mixing consoles, several different active and passive speaker systems, DMX controllable lighting systems, In ear monitor systems, video projection systems and more.  At Sound Source Music, we have been installing pa systems for Houses of Worship since 1978 and have been there to witness these changes.

If your church is in need of an upgrade to accommodate modern worship trends, or simply to have your system serviced (whether you purchased it from us or not), we have the right mix of products, experience, and expertise to help you.  We offer free consultation to churches and have for years; this is how we have begun many long lasting relationships with local Houses of Worship.  From large sound systems, video projection screens, to full scale lighting systems, we have done it.
Do you want to schedule a consultation in the Mattoon/Charleston/Effingham area?  Simply call 217-258-8919…we would love to meet with you and discuss your needs.  You can also visit our store at 1609 Broadway Ave. in Mattoon.  We would love to give you a hands on demo of some of the exciting products that are at the core of the modern worship service.  Behringer x32 digital mixing consoles, along with their convenient p16 personal monitor systems have been a huge hit at many local churches.  We are equally excited about Yamaha’s new TF series digital mixing boards…we have found that the interface is very user friendly with many simplified, one-knob features that make tasks such as setting channel gain, compressor ratios, and eq a breeze.  Digital consoles also give you the ability to completely reshape and automate things to accommodate many different users and many different situations (choir rehearsal one day, service the next, funeral the next etc.).  Another product that offers exciting potential for Houses of Worship are Shure’s new GLX Digital wireless microphone systems.  These systems offer excellent performance and reliability, are affordable for nearly any budget and, most importantly, have rechargeable batteries that remain charged for 18 hours!  No more dead batteries in the middle of a service.  No more blowing half of your budget on batteries…these systems pay for themselves.
Another specialty of ours is full blown lighting and video projection systems.  Lighting has evolved tremendously over the past several years, and churches have been among those to take advantage of the changes.  Lighting today is so much more than simply providing light…it can completely reshape the look and atmosphere of your sanctuary.  Similarly, video projection systems have become more of a rule, rather than an exception, at most services.  We offer installation of video projection systems large and small that can interface with any video system…computers, dvd etc.
Again, we offer free consultation.  Whether you are looking for a massive, full scale upgrade, or simply wondering why the pastor’s mic can’t be heard clearly, we would love to meet you and discuss solutions for your situation.  Please, give us a call at 217-258-8919.


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