Father’s Day $100 Gift Card Winner Announced

The winner of a $100 Gift Card in our Father’s Day Musical Dad contest is:     Larry Clark.  The winning tribute (posted below) was written by Larry’s daughter, Theresa Jones.  We had some amazing, heartfelt tributes to musical dads; well worth the read for anyone.   To read through all of the entries, visit our facebook page:
Congratulations Larry and Theresa!  Here is the winning entry:
“How ironic that I write this on a day where my dad has 2 gigs today with 2 different bands! My musical dad, Larry Clark, wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks to my musical grandfather, my dad was able to pick up the guitar at a very early age and continues to play 50+ years later. After hearing a song, he can play it, and somehow he makes it look so easy! He also remembers the name of every song you’ve every heard, and can tell you who sang it and when it was released. Then he’ll pick up his guitar and start playing it! In addition to being on the stage, my dad loves to watch musical icons that stretch both of our generations. We’ve seen Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Peter Frampton, BB King, and Delbert McClinton together to name a few. Whether it’s at a bar, outdoor festival, wedding, or church service, keep an eye out for Larry Clark! Chances are he’ll be there with a guitar in his hands! I’m not so good with “the words” – so hopefully I can tell his story better with a collage of pictures. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”

Sound Source Music Performance Bands: Take Your Lessons to the Next Level

Here is a clip of our performance band “The Kick” working on “Love You Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor.  This group features Kirstin Elsea on Vocals, Isaac Ray on Guitar, and Colton Middleton on Drums.  Mentored by Jon Clarkson.  Performance groups meet once a week for a one hour rehearsal and the cost is only $10 per week.  You do not have to be enrolled in normal lessons to be eligible.  Take your lessons to the next level…sign up today!  For more info, call us at 217-258-8919.


It was an epic online guitar duel, the likes of which have not been seen since Steve Vai took on Ralph Macchio in the movie “Crossroads”.  It came down to the wire, and our winner, who edged out the next best finisher 127 to 114 is Wally Hooker!  Congratulations Wally!!!  Great job to second place finisher Rendell Dingman.  Also, thanks for the other submissions…there were some excellent and worthy videos posted…a great thing to see!!!  Wally, stop in and pick up your tickets anytime during normal store hours…10 am to 6:30 M thru F and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday.  Enjoy the show!!!

Best choice for Church sound systems: Yamaha TF digital board

take the next step in Church sound with the digital Yamaha TF boards. Sound Source Music in Mattoon, the areas #1 choice for Church sound installs has everything you need for that next step. Whether it’s a LED video wall, traditional projector system and the best in sound with Yamaha. Call today for a Free visit and consultation 217-258-8919.

Fender professional series USA made Guitars in stock now at Sound Source Music in Mattoon, il

Fender Releases new Bassbreaker amps…we have them!

From the Deluxe Reverb, Twin Reverb, Super Reverb and Bassman to modern creations such as the Super Sonic and Hot Rod series, Fender has a long track record of creating the most iconic guitar amps in music history.  In fact, the Deluxe Reverb is often cited as the “most recorded amp in history”.  With a history as rich as Fender’s, it would certainly be a tall order to add to this legacy, but with Fender’s all-new , all-tube Bassbreaker series they have done just that.  Building on familiar platforms, Fender has managed to stay true to their iconic status while creating some new flavors that deserve their place in the Fender amp pantheon.
Take the Bassbreaker 45, the largest amp in the series, for example.  With the 45, Fender has built their first ever EL34-based tube amp…an astonishing, yet simple design that is both a Fender-y Marshall and a Marshall-y Fender.  Like the original Bassman series (which we all know Jim Marshall used as the basis for his early Marshall amp designs) and early Marshall amps, these have a Normal and Bright input which can be “jumped” or used in parallel.  Fender also includes a “both” input which allows you to combine these two channels without using patch cables.  All 3 inputs give you access to distinctively different tonal flavors.  Another amazing feature is that instead of a master volume, Fender has included a power scaling control that allows you to dial in wattage from 45 watt all the way down to 1 watt.  This allows you to crank the input volumes (bright, normal, or both) for gorgeous medium breakup tones that roar at low volumes, or run the wattage high and inputs low for classic, high headroom Fender cleans.  The amp is also an amazing platform for pedals…everything from clean gain boost pedals to super high gain distortion pedals sound amazing with this amp.
Each amp in the series offers something special that is both unique and familiar.  Stop in and try one at Sound Source Music…you may find yourself wanting to trade in your old amp for one of these.  For more info, visit Fender’s website:  Fender Bassbreaker: There are No Words


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