Chris Robison, Guitar, Bass Guitar

Chris Robison, Guitar, Bass guitar

Chris has been giving lessons at Sound Source since 2013. His interests lie in variety of musical styles ranging from Blues, Country, R&B, Jazz, and Rock and Roll. He teaches both the guitar and bass.


“I began playing guitar in the early 80s, and from the beginning I was obsessed with learning and getting better. I practiced constantly, gleaning all the information I could from guitar magazines, books, instructional tapes, and lessons. Now, all these years later, the guitar remains an obsession and I’m still learning and still striving to improve.


While giving lessons at Sound Source, I’ve not only become a better instructor, but I also have become a better player. Teaching such diverse artists as Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters, and Green Day has helped broaden my musical vocabulary. With each student I hope to instill into him or her that same love and obsession that I have for an instrument. Once a student has that passion it stays with them for a lifetime.”

Chris teaches at Sound Source on Thursday. To sign up for lessons call 217-258-8919


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