Choosing the Right DJ

Who are you really hiring?

  • A dj with good communication skills is a great advantage over a “party” DJ. A solid greeting with crowd interaction makes everyone feel comfortable & ready for a good time.
  • A Dj must be able to walk through an order of events without the uncomfortable “pause” that happens at many weddings. Making sure the order of events is correct is critical to the success of the reception. A solid dj /mc makes this happen….
  • Reputation: word of mouth is the best way to hear about a DJ. Many new DJ’s come with a low price but have short comings with gear, experience & the flow of the evening.
  • BEWARE of people offering to do your show for next to nothing. Whether it’s friends of the family or relatives doing your show. If you have NOT SEEN OR HEARD them you may be in for a long evening.


Price is the question I get asked the most. Price does not make a show. Whether it be the highest or lowest. The question I ask customers:   From the introductions to the last dance the dj is in charge of the evening. If I was inviting hundreds of people to my reception who should I trust to invest my $$$ to entertain my guests??? After reading this article I hope you will have a better idea of what to look for in a DJ.


It does matter!!! If you have 400 guests or 50 guest the gear that the dj brings is critical to the success of the event. Remember it’s not how loud it is. It’s how good the music sounds & the people are who speaking on the mic’s sound. Sometimes too big of a system is just as bad as too small of one. The right dj will have the right sound that brings you onto the dance floor without hurting you & grandmas ears & be clear when the all important toast is made by the best man.


Today more than ever lighting is very important. The entire hall or facility lit correctly will change the way people perceive your event. A disco ball & and flashing light will & can cheapen even the nicest venue. Today led lighting can wash walls & theme a room to a certain favorite color of the bride. Back lighting for the head table creates a focal point in which guests see the wedding party all dressed up & glowing across the room. Before you book your wedding remember to ask the dj what lighting options can be provided to enhance your event.


Song list are a thing of the past. With digital music most DJ’s have 1,000’s of songs to make your event fun. If a dj offers a song list BEWARE you don’t want your wedding to sound like the one you were at last weekend. Every wedding reception should be custom with music & the guests should get the opportunity to request dance music all night long.

Organizing the reception:

It is imperative to meet with the dj before you event to assure the dj understands want your needs are before the event happens. By doing this & getting an itinerary sheet everyone down to the photographer knows the time & order of events at the reception.


By doing the above steps your wedding reception will be a memorable event that you can talk about for years. Take the next step & seek out a dj service that can provide what you need in a reception.

Best wishes…


Mike Kallis,


Sound Source Music, Inc.


Mike Kallis has owned & operated a music store for over 22 years. He has Deejayed hundreds of events over the years & works with deejays in his music store on a daily basis.


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