Jon Clarkson, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Jon Clarkson, Guitar, Bass, Uke, Performance Bands
     Jon began teaching at Sound Source Music in 1990.  Since then, he has taught hundreds of local musicians.  Drawing from a wide variety of musical experiences and interests, Jon excels at teaching theory, technique, improv,  and a variety of styles including rock, blues, country, metal, acoustic fingerstyle and more.    An experienced instructor, Jon has served as a mentor at the Mattoon Middle School Guitar Club, a guest instructor at First Gig Rock Camp, and as mentor for 2 of Sound Source Academy’s Performance bands.
As a performer, he has received worldwide recognition with features in Guitar World and Guitar Player Magazine, performed at thousands of concerts both locally and at such venues as Navy Pier, Memorial Stadium, David S. Palmer Arena, Prairie Capital Convention Center, and more, and shared the stage with famous rock acts such as Bret Michaels, Skid Row, Warrant, Firehouse, Sebastian Bach, Foghat, The Bodeans, Smash Mouth etc..   He currently performs live with the rock band X-Krush, 80s metal parody band Leather Pistol (as Jonny J. Licksteen), and country artist Ben Nation.  Additionally, Jon is an avid audio engineer and has recorded CDs, soundtracks, and albums for countless local and national artists (including Grammy Award Winner Thirza Defoe) and currently works as an audio engineer at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and University of Illinois School of Music.
“I think the most important thing as a teacher is to do the best you can to make certain that the student has fun.  It really doesn’t matter what pace a student learns at; as long as they stick with it they will hopefully get the same lifelong enjoyment out of music that I have.  It’s kind of like being a tour guide for them.  I also feel it is important to get a student engaged with as many possibilities as you can offer; get them playing live with other musicians, get them recording music, making videos, playing around with all of the gadgets technology can offer etc.  Ultimately, I hope that all of my students will be better than me and self-sufficient.  It may sound self-defeating, but if they don’t need me anymore, that means I’ve done my job.”
Jon teaches at Sound Source Music on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays.  to sign up for lessons with Jon, call 217-258-8919.

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