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Welcome to my lesson page.  Here I will post material related to lessons which you can download and/or stream.  Often this material will be geared toward a specific lesson for a specific student, but you are welcome to use it for your own purposes if you wish.

6/19/17 Student:  Bob St. Gemme.  Song:  Grateful Dead “Goin Down the Road”
Here is a set of backing tracks for this song that increase from 145 to 176 in tempo.  This is a good general song to practice rock/blues changes with a bonus vi chord thrown in.  Stream them below using the embedded player, or download them (scroll down).




Right click and select “save link as” on each tempo to download “Goin’ Down the Road”:  145  155  165 176

5/30/17  Student:  Ryan Bridges.  Song:  James Brown “I Feel Good”
Notes:  Tempo is slightly slower than original.  Key of D.

You can play this file with the embedded player, or download it by clicking on the  green download link below:

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