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Welcome to the official page for Sound Source Music’s Performance Bands.  Check here for the latest info including upcoming performances and more!

1/10/18  Mattoon High School, January 26th, 5 to 6:30 PM

This show will take place in the cafeteria as part of a Pork Chop Fundraiser for the Bionic Program.  Also taking place that evening will be the Mattoon/Charleston Varsity Basketball Game.  Mr. Wattles will be our contact person and he recommends loading in door #9 in the rear of the high school.
We will plan to begin soundcheck at 4 PM, so please be sure to arrive by then with all of your necessary gear, get your instruments tuned up etc.  Please note:  we will try to keep this show as quiet as we can…within reason.

11/28/17  Common Grounds, 5 PM
We’ll begin as close to 5 PM as possible this coming Friday.  The Kick will play first followed by the Legend 27.  Due to somewhat cramped quarters and tight schedule, we’ll will soundcheck one band at a time.  Please try to arrive no later than 4:30.  Please invite your friends and share the advertisement on your social media that was made to help promote the show.  You’ll find the announcements on our facebook page:

11/1/17  Show announcements.
Recitals:  Recitals will be held the week of 11/6.  Please check with your Performance Band Mentor for date and time you will be playing.  Recitals begin at 5 Pm each night.  Performance Bands will play first (at 5) on the night they are scheduled.
     Friday, 1/26/18  Mattoon High School.  5 PM to 6:30 PM.  This will be a fundraiser dinner during the Mattoon-Charleston Varsity Basketball Game.  Bands will play acoustic (cajon, acoustic guitar etc.) and will need to rehearse some songs in this format.  Each band should prepare approximately 5 songs.  More details to follow…

9/25/17  Show announcements.
Friday, 10/20  Jackson Ave. Coffee in Charleston.  7 PM.  Please arrive no later than 6 PM.
Friday, 10/27  Mattoon Trunk or Treat.  Amplified performing in Heritage Park band shell.
8/3/17  County Fair.
Due to impending bad weather, we will most likely be in the Merchant’s Building.
07/31/17  County Fair show, Thursday, 8/3, 7 PM
Load-in 5 PM.
Soundcheck:  Asap after 5 PM
Show order:  Legend 27, Amplified, The Kick.  Soundcheck will be in reverse of this order.
The PA system will arrive at approximately 3:30 PM.
The stage is on a flatbed trailer near the Art Hall.  Enter the fair through the East gate.  There is no admission charge prior to 4 PM and no charge for anyone 16 and under.  For adults and older students, the person at the East Gate will have passes.
07/17/17  Bagelfest show, Thursday, 7/20, 5 PM
Thursday’s show will be from 5 PM until approximately 7:30.  We will be playing in the Band Shell located on the North side of the park, although you may need to enter the park on the South Side entrance (on Broadway Ave.).  As usual, load-in for bands will be 2 hours prior to show time (3 PM in this case).  Bands will play in this order:  Amplified, The Legend 27, The Kick.  Please arrive early so that there is plenty of time to get your gear set up and adjusted, time to work out any kinks, and so that your band has ample time for a good soundcheck.  Dave and I will be at the park at 2 PM and would appreciate any help we can get setting up the pa system.  This will also be a good opportunity for anyone who would like to learn more about pa systems and their set up and operation.
A reminder:  please take inventory of the supplies you will need to play the show.  If you have an instrument, you should bring a stand, tuner, picks, strap etc. for the instrument.  We are getting better at this every show.
Another reminder:  Please make a habit of promoting the shows on social media.  This is an essential “part of the job”.  It doesn’t do much good to work as hard as we do to prepare ourselves for these shows if no one knows we are doing it (“if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there….”).  Share your cat pics and Snapchat images of yourself looking like a puppy dog…and then take a few more seconds to share the promotional images that we post to our Performance Band page:
It’s never been easier to spread the good word!
Everyone did a great job at the show at Heritage Park…everyone was on time and ready to play when it was their time.  We received so many compliments that I can’t even count them (including from the WCIA crew, the Arts Council, the Chamber of Commerce etc.).  This show was a bit more challenging and high pressure than most and we came off with flying colors!  Thanks to everyone who helped with tear down after the show!
07/13/17  Heritage Park/WCIA Show:  Start time:  4 PM.
Please arrive/Load-in at 2 PM.  If you’d like to help with the PA system setup, please arrive closer to 1 PM.    Remember to bring all of the essentials you will need to play the show:  your instruments, amplifiers, and accessories:  tuners, cables, music stands, lyrics (if needed), setlists, guitar stands, water etc.  Additionally, it will be very hot with very little shade, so please prepare accordingly.
The soundcheck may require extra time since we need to send a separate broadcast feed to the TV station crew, so your early arrival is greatly appreciated and will help ensure that any problems are worked out well in advance of start time.
Thank you.

07/10/17  Announcements/Details re:  7/14 Heritage Park show
1.  WCIA is now requesting we move the start time back to 4 PM.  I will confirm this once it is confirmed/I’ve heard back from everyone.  Sorry for any confusion.
2.  It looks like each band will have an hour slot:  4, 5, and 6.  Tentative order will be:  The Kick, The Legend 27, and Amplified
3.  This will be quite different from most normal performances.  Playing on TV requires that you be ready to play when they tell you to play…so being prepared, timely, and available is of the essence.  It may also be necessary to not play when requested as well.  There will also be interviews with each band; so be ready.  Do what you need to to look good (you’ll be on TV) and consider having some “soundbites” ready to go.  Each band should consider appointing a spokesperson:  whoever is best at public speaking, charismatic etc.
4.  Plan your sets around the on-air time.  I suggest that you hold back 2 or 3 of your very best songs and save them for the critical times when the cameras are on your band.  During other times, bands may still be playing, but more in a “background noise” situation.
5.  Be ready for anything to change at any time.  This is a live broadcast, and the TV crews will probably be even busier than us and will have to adjust on the fly, so we will need to be ready to do the same.
It will be very important to stay near the stage area and not go running off so that you can be ready in an instant.
6.  Be ready to have fun…I may be making this sound overly serious, but performers still need to relax and have fun.  You may make a mistake on a song…it is no big deal.  You’ll make plenty more mistakes and have plenty more opportunities.  People will notice you more if you are uptight and not having fun than if you make a mistake.
07/03/17  Change in time for 7/14 Heritage Park show.
Our start time for the July 14th show has been pushed back one hour to 5 PM.  We are not yet certain whether we will be playing until 6 or 7 pm.  We will update you as soon as possible.
Our schedule is currently as follows:
7/14 Heritage Park, Downtown Mattoon  5 PM to ?
7/20  Bagelfest, Peterson Park Band shell,  5 PM
8/3 Coles County Fair 7 PM
     06/26/17  New show, 7/14/17 Heritage Park, Downtown Mattoon, 4 to 6 PM
More good news!  We’ve been asked by the Mattoon Arts Council and Chamber of Commerce to perform in the Heritage Park Band Shell (1 block West of Sound Source Music) while WCIA/WCIX shoot for their “Our Town Mattoon” segment.  Itinerary should be similar to the recent Lytle Park show; bands should plan to arrive with their gear approximately 2 hours prior to showtime.   Please keep in mind that it will probably be very warm and there will be very little shade, so prepare accordingly.

06/05/17  Performance Band Show, 6/9/17 Lytle Park, Itinerary
Dave and I plan to show up at Lytle around 3 PM to setup the pa system.  This will be a large (and loud!) pa system and we’ll appreciate any help we can get.  This will also be a good opportunity to learn about the setup and deployment of pa systems, soundchecks, etc.  All important things that are essential to a good live show.
The rest of the schedule is as follows:
4 PM Load in:  This is when all performers (who did not arrive early to help with pa setup) should arrive to load in and set up their gear.  Performers should bring all items they will need to perform and should not assume anything will be provided.  These are items such as your instrument, amplifier, guitar picks, lyric sheets, music stands, instrument stands, tuners, drum sticks, set lists etc.  We will provide an electric drum set and bass amp.  If you are unsure if you will need something, err on the side of caution and bring it.  If you need help, let Dave or Jon know.
4:30 Soundcheck  Each band will have approximately 1/2 hour to soundcheck.  We will set the mix for each band and also set monitor levels so that you can optimally hear each other on stage.  This is also when any bugs can be worked out in advance.  We will soundcheck in reverse order to the performance order (as is typical for multi-band shows).  Soundcheck order will be as follows:  Amplified, The Legend 27, and The Kick.
6 PM to dusk:  Showtime.  Order for this show will be The Kick, The Legend 27, and Amplified.  Please be ready to start on time and plan ahead so that we have minimal downtime between acts.
Preparing for the show:  First and foremost, share the promotional graphics and facebook events we have created on your social media accounts.  Invite your friends, fans, and family.  You can find these on this page or, even better, at
It is essential to promote the show and get people excited about it.  There is no “build it and they will come”.  You have to make an effort to raise awareness.  All of these things you can do will lead to more opportunities down the road for your band and you as an individual.  Spread the word!
Plan ahead.  Think about the essential items you will need to perform.  Also, plan for this being an outdoor show:  water, insect repellent, sunscreen, handy wipes, fans etc. are all good things to have.  Probably not a good show to wear your awesome studded leather rock n’ roll jumpsuit.  🙂
Be ready to have fun.  This is the biggest show we’ve attempted yet and will require a lot of teamwork and cooperation…but should also be fun.  Taking care of the basic essentials ahead of time means you will have nothing to worry about other than enjoying yourself and entertaining your friends and family.

05/25/17  Important Updates…and preparing for outdoor shows in the summer.
We are now booked to play Bagelfest on Thursday, July 20th.  We will play in the Peterson Park Band Shell from 5 to 7 PM.  Tell your friends and family…let’s bring a humongous crowd and blow the roof off of Mattoon!
Due to a schedule conflict, the County Fair Show has been moved to Thursday, August 3rd from 7 to 9 PM.
I have been informed that all performers will get free entry.  Maybe we can talk them into some cotton candy or a ride on the Hurricane?
The schedule is as follows:
Friday 6/9  Lytle Park.  6 PM
Thursday, 7/20  Bagelfest 5 PM
Thursday, 8/3 Coles County Fair 7 PM
And, please take note that these shows will probably be hot in temperature so bring plenty of water, dress as needed, and bring sunscreen and insect repellent if you can.  Fans are also a good idea; especially the “mechanic style” fans as they tend to operate very quietly .

05/18/17  More good news!  We are now scheduled to play the Coles County Fair (side stage) on Wednesday, August 2nd at 7 PM.  Please mark this on your calendars.  More details will follow.  Thank you everyone for the fast responses to the show inquiries…this makes the semi-complex task of booking 3 bands very easy!  Please feel free to chime in with suggestions regarding opportunities for the bands to play.  Our goal is to average 1 show per month.  Stay tuned for more announcements!  -Jon
We’ve created some artwork that you can share on social media to help promote the upcoming concert at Lytle Park.  Please share and help spread the word.  Let’s bring a huge crowd!!!

05/09/17  Exciting news…
First, we’re pleased to announce that the Mattoon Arts Council has agreed to support the performance bands for several performances in 2017.  This will allow us to play more frequently, find more venues to perform at, and better promote live performances.  We are excited about this opportunity to create a thriving local music scene in Mattoon and surrounding areas and grateful to the Arts Council for their support.
To learn more about the Mattoon Arts Council and what they do, click the following link to visit their website:
Upcoming show announcement:
Our first show, presented in conjunction with the Mattoon Arts Council will be on Friday, June 9th at Lytle Park in Mattoon.  We will be performing prior to Friday night Movies in the Park and will also be performing in the brand new pavilion being built along 32nd Street.  The pavilion is huge and should serve as an excellent concert venue.  These events are very well attended and fun for the whole family.  Showtime will most likely be around 6 PM and will conclude by dusk at the latest.  Stay tuned for some promotional material we will post here…but, its never too early to begin inviting friends and family.  Please mark this event on your calendars.

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